Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hording Chanel...

I don't just have one style, I actually have multiple fashion personalities. I love bright colors and adore a preppy style, all black with a huge statement piece of jewelry makes me feel artsy, and then there's that nod to the 30's ( Chanel's version). I shop mostly for vintage pieces if I'm buying high end designers. I would spit out my champagne if I saw something I paid tons for on someone else at the same function, and I don't spit! Since my mid 20's I've been collecting vintage Chanel accessories. Belts, jewelry, scarfs, bags, and shoes. I'm proud of my small collection, and I have enjoyed scavenging for the best. There are some iconic symbols that Chanel repetitively used when designing. 

  1. Straw hat (Boater), memories of her first hat designs
  2. 2.55 Guilted flap handbag, named for the date it was launch in February 1955.
  3. Four leaf clover, she was superstitious
  4. Wheat, symbolizing prosperity and nourishment
  5. lions head, her birth sign Leo
  6. Camilla flower, her favorite flower
  7. #5, her lucky number
The interlocking C's, This is the most romantic symbol in my opinion. Most people think it stands for Coco Chanel, but it actually is a memory of her beloved Arthur "Boy" Capel ( Chanel & Capel), who was the professional polo player that financed Chanels first store, and had a 10 year love affair with. He died in a car crash and it has been said that the monochromatic black and white packaging is for the mourning of her deceased lover.
There are a few more, thats all for now. Class dismissed!
Some of my collection