Thursday, August 1, 2013

Experience the difference...

I have many qualities that I would love to polish and refine, but there is only one that I think I have mastered and it is INTEGRITY. I have only had 6 jobs in my 42 years of living ( some doubled up), which tells you I stick with the job at hand. So, you should not be surprised when I tell you I have worked for the same company for 19 years. When I walked in the doors of Van Michael salon in Buckhead 19 years ago, I knew that I would work there ( not exactly this long.), and I knew I HAD to work there. Van Michael was only 10 years old then and I thought I had walked into the coolest place on earth. From the person that greeted me at the door, and gave me a tour ( Lori Caldwell), to the energy level you felt when you stood in the middle of this amazing place. Still to this day, I can feel the same energy level I felt when I walked through the doors in 1994.

Van Michael Salon was founded by Van Council and Michael Council ( Brothers), in 1984. They wanted a high-end salon that showcased the best  stylist and artist from all over the world. To guarantee that they only hired the best. Van and company devised their own intensive training program from which every person had to pass before being allowed work  on the Van Michael salon floor. This training salon is called "New Talents." I call it getting your masters in hair artistry! I never knew that being in the beauty business could lead to making well over six figures till  I came to work for Van Michael salon. 

It would be an understatement to say I love working there. I actually think more about my job and clients than I do anything else. I have had the same clients for years and I have been apart of their lives as they have been apart of mine. My hope and wish for everyone, is to have a place to feel needed, wanted, and appreciated...  I have been so fortunate to have found that place for myself. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY VAN AND MICHAEL!