Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tring to buy TOM FORD...

It saddens me when I hear of racial profiling and or racism at all.  I don't understand when people want to generalize you because of your skin tone.

  My father was in the military all my life and most of his duty was in Europe, so I was basically raised in Europe, I lived in Germany and Holland, I was brought up on military bases which meant my community was from all over the world. I didn't even know that there where segregated sides of towns and or schools till I returned back to America. Of course, my family has always had many different family friends from all over the world. So, my black experience isn't the same as most. But, when I did get my first taste of racial profiling, I was hurt...not even mad as much as I was hurt. This morning I heard a ridiculous story about Oprah trying to by a Tom Ford handbag in Switzerland. She was there to celebrate her friend Tina Turners wedding week. She went into a high end boutique and asked to see the 38,000.00 bag and the sell lady wanted to show her several smaller lower priced bags. Finally, Oprah said she really wanted to see the "Jennifer" bag. The lady proceeds to tell her that She didn't want to hurt her feelings and that it was too expensive. Well, Oprah told her she was right it  was "Too Expensive" and left the shop. Oprah has spoken out on this event and of course the lady is mortified and apologetic. But, it is way too late for that, right!

I feel that profiling of any sort ( tattooed, gay, handicapped, or age) it is a detriment to our civilization.