Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I've learned thus far...

This quote by Oprah speaks to my soul, I have many talents and gifts that I never knew laid dormant in my being until forced out. I never sought out make up artistry as a career choice, in fact I just knew I would be in the fashion industry from the time I could remember. But, as universal law would have it, I was put in a situation that allowed me to show a skill that I didn't know I had. That is pretty much how my life has been, forced to sink or swim, I have mastered many things that if you had told me years prior I would do well, I would have laughed. My hope for all people is for them to know that they are different for a reason, and not quite knowing your full potential is the beauty and journey of life. Once presented with the opportunity, it will give you reason to expose a gift untapped. 
Never let age, gender, or lack of money keep you from the gifts that are meant to change the world!