Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Your Style Alter Ego...

al·ter ego

 noun \ˌȯl-tər-ˈē-(ˌ)gō also -ˈe-(ˌ)gō\
: a second self: as

a : a trusted friend
b : the opposite side of a personality

I wear black everyday for work, except on " Color Top Tuesday." Any color on top with black bottoms. Working at the same company for 19 years I've seen many different versions of our black dress code. What always prevails, is the fact that the staff looks better in a unified color, it's more professional and most people can't mess up all black, emphasis on "Most People." That said, I feel as though I have a style alter ego. I dress pretty loudly and preppy when I'm not working in the salon, the brighter the better, even in winter. During the week, I feel very dark and edgy. I call my closet the two-sides of NMP, I have all the black clothes for the season on one side and my color on the other. We all have a few versions of ourselves, the person we are for the public, the person we are for our families, and the person we are in our heads or would like to be. To have a second self is a blessing, it enables me to take the hats I wear off and on with ease. I rarely feel vulnerable due to the characters I get to play. Don't get me wrong I'm "REAL," but I give a more intimate me to the people who have gained a trust over time. Funny how clothing can give you a different perspective on life.

All black work style

My off work style