Monday, July 1, 2013

The perfect pair...

I'm in the thick of bridal season and I couldn't be happier for the brides I've done and will do. This year marks 16 years that my friend and partner for wedding hair/makeup Rod Lawson have for the most part, been exclusive. We have been all over this country doing weddings together, our trips always consist of  him driving and me sleeping ( I never admit that), unless we go to Mexico. What has always been the coolest thing about our professional and personal friendship is that we can read each others facial expressions and we most definitely have the same beauty esthetic, which means the bride and the bridal party gets the best look for them, a cohesive custom look that works for the continuity of the theme of the wedding. I started walking down memory lane recently and found pics of weddings we did in the late 90's and early 2000....So fun to see Rod's hair styles over the years!
Maria's wedding was in Rosemary Beach Florida, Rod made us stop and take a pic at "Reflections by Sissy"