Saturday, August 3, 2013

All we have is the moment...

We are programmed to ask each other how we are doing when we greet. I get asked this question an average of 20 times a day, since I take up to 22 people a day.  I always answer: Amazing or Awesome.
I intentionally reply this way because it can change the course of the conversation if the person had the intent on sharing negative or mood killing information. But for the most part, I am feeling and doing amazing, because in that moment, I am not living in the past or the future...I am with that person in the NOW, which means I don't want to think about stuff I have to do in a few minutes or stuff I did in the last hour. Being present with the person in your presence is the best gift you can give a person. I think my clients, friends, and family deserve all of me in the moment I am with them ( unless I have to post something great about, living in the moment can create a appreciation and gratitude that will sustain you when you have those truly down or so called bad days. Have a awesome weekend!