Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Behind the scenes...

 I just created a pin board on Pinterest called "Backstage." The most exciting part of a fashion show, hair show, musical show, play, or concert, is the back stage! Seriously, the show goes on for minutes to maybe a couple hours, depending on your genera of entertainment, but the real party and pressure is behind that curtain. I have been fortunate enough to have worked Fashion Week ( in 90's), televised Award shows, and hair shows, they all have the same thing in common...Insane time pressure and Fun!

There isn't much else more gratifying than seeing all your hard work released to the stage and the audience receive it with praise and pleasure. From the models waiting to go on, to the crew playing and joking with each other, it is some of the best times. This week I decided to talk a lot about one of the many hats I wear for my company. Hope you enjoy seeing the most creative thing I do... I love doing bridal make up, event make up, and brow shaping, But the shows are what push me to use my creative gift.

These two are fighting over who has the bigger