Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What to wear...

I wear many hats at my company, and I enjoy being used for all of the talents that I posses. Aside from servicing clients, I do our photo shoots, I help with  marketing, I'm the cosmetic director and I also help the Client Coordinators and New Talent staff with image and personal presentation. Van Michael sets themselves apart by investing in the staff when they are starting their career, which ensures a universal culture of true professionals. The last couple of weeks I have been hosting an in house fashion show for the ladies and gentleman that answer our phones, greet our clients, and check our clients out. For us as a company they are one of the intricate parts of the clients visit, if they don't represent our company by not only looking great, but possessing the kind of attitude that encourages the client or guest back to our establishment, we have failed the client and ourselves, because our mission is to create not only a raving experience, but a different experience than you are use to getting elsewhere. So with a budget and some very fortunate ladies, I took them shopping and did a how-to presentation ( I have one more session in the Highlands Salon). 

We had a ball, and believe me some of the ladies taught me a thing or two!

Crystal Smith, did the beauty part of the session.