Friday, August 16, 2013

Hopes & Dreams...

This weekend I will be attending a managers retreat to brainstorm what we can do better on behalf of our company and the employees we lead, and how we can help them live out their hopes and dreams. I'm very excited about it!

It got me thinking about a quote by Paul Robeson: We must realize that our future lies chiefly in our own hands.

If you can blame anyone for any condition in your life, then you, not they, are digging your grave. Your chief adversary comes to teach you a lesson. Your most difficult challenge strengthens your survival skills. Your greatest fear deepens your faith. Your weakest ability beckons you to grow. Anyone and anything can challenge you. It will not overtake you until you surrender. Only you can determine what you do and how you respond in a situation. It is your responsibility to make a decision about what is important to you; choose what you want and how you are going to get it. Once you accomplish that, it is your responsibility to move forward until you get it.

Paraphrased from an excerpt from Iyanla Vanzant.