Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hollywood Glamour design...

I bought my house in March 2006, I had been searching for a house a year prior, but never could find anything that would allow me to design the interior space the way I liked, at the time all I could think about was top designer Kelly Weartler.

  She had done some amazing things in California and started to gain some notoriety across the country. One of her first projects was the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica. As the universe would have it, I had a job in Santa Monica and the first thing I did when I had free time was to walk over to the Viceroy. I was able to see pictures already since she had put out a coffee table book of her work. But, it was even more amazing in person. The take on traditional shapes and styles of furniture with modern fabrics and materials made my heart sing. At that point I knew what my house would be like design wise. I haven't changed a thing really since I chose that style  other than freshen up some wall colors or adding accessories here or there to keep current. She has since started amazing lines of furniture, accessories, and is a judge on Interior Design shows on HGTV. I call her the Tom Ford of design ( along with my friend Michel Boyd, of SmithBoyd interiors), I love the sexiness of her aesthetic and the use of every material, fabric, color, and texture known to man. Hats off to Kelly Wearstler and thanks for helping me find the perfect interior style.

My living room

My reading space

My living room