Thursday, August 22, 2013

Louis Vuitton vs Goyard...

After the amazing "Hopes and Dreams," retreat last weekend, I needed to relax my brain for a few days.  Now that I have had a moment to get my thoughts back aligned, class is back in session!

Did you know that late 1700s through 1800s, people had their clothes, accessories, and furniture professionally packed for traveling. Not shipping, just for traveling in horse and buggy. There was a place that just folded your garments and placed them in trunks for you. One of these places resides in Paris, France till this day. In fact, the House of Goyard is the premiere luxury trunk making brand of France. Many people think that Louis Vuitton was the first trunk and travel brand, but actually Goyard was the first to do it. Goyard is still a small family-run company, its only sold in France, it's boutique in San Francisco, and Barney's New York. In some cases you have to wait 3months for the production of a specific style. On the other hand Louis Vuitton is the most heavily counterfeited brand in fashion history, with only 1% of all Louis Vuitton-branded items in circulation considered authentic.

They both use the exact craftsmanship and materials, one just stayed exclusive... Makes you think maybe being available to the masses isn't such a good idea.