Friday, August 30, 2013


People come in your life for a REASON, SEASON, OR LIFETIME...You know that there are people that are purposely placed in your life, may it be to show something amazing about yourself, may it be a healing or you are the healer. Then there are the seasonal people that stay just for a while, long enough to bring you a change of pace or shake up your complacency, then there are your lifetime people who you may not talk to everyday, but you know that they will always be a phone call away, they have been there from the beginning, and don't plan to disappear anytime soon. I have a list of all of the above, but who I want you to meet today is one of the many people who has witnessed a few ups and downs and has cheered me on every step of the way! Thank you Lila for coming and spending some beauty time with me yesterday!