Friday, September 6, 2013

Beyond Fortunate...

I have had the pleasure of grooming many celebrities over the years, I could blow your mind with the names and stories of the people of the silver screen that I have been able to service. But, there is only one lady that has made me want to literally want to be her best friend and that is Viola Davis. She is the cover for Essence magazine for October, when I saw the cover it took me back when I did her make up for the press day in Atlanta for the movie The Help. I did her make up for a two day press event. She spoke to me as if we known each other for years, she was so open with her life growing up, and we compared stories of adoption ( at the time I was in the process, didn't work out...another blog all together).

Viola Davis was brought up in Central falls, Rhode Island. She describes herself as having lived in 
object poverty and dysfunction during her childhood. But as the universe would have it, she took that pain and reality to the screen and stage. I had the pleasure in seeing her in the play "Fences" a long with  Denzel Washington, which she won a Tony award and became the second African-American woman to win the award after Phylicia Rashad. I have come to the conclusions that no matter how many characters  a celebrity plays or the appearance of their life in photos, they are just human beings having an earthy experience that I hope makes them happy!