Monday, September 9, 2013

Magic happens, when talented people come together!

Tomorrow I will celebrate my friend James Hurley's grand opening of his floral and events boutique. He and I were cosmically meant to be friends, there are only two people in my life that seize to impress and amaze me with their abilities to create magic when it comes to their crafts, and they are James Hurley and Rod Lawson. 

A couple of years ago I commissioned another talented friend David Robin Munn ( amazing colorist and photographer) to capture some amazing bridal looks for our portfolio and to be used for Jame's advertisements, and my awesome friend Esther Lee to help style the shoot. The magic that came from that shoot still blows my mind today. We had the prettiest models and the best location ( Then Mansion, now Mandarin Hotel). What is so precious about that day is that we all were in our element and we wanted the best shot for each other. No money exchanged, except for the EBay bridal gowns ( had one on loan from a friend), and a few dollars for some of the models.

When you love what you do and dream of doing it all the time, you are able to draw like minded people to you...And then that's when magic happens!
The Advertising choice!

David Robin Munn

James Hurley