Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NYC fashion week 2013...Streetstyle!

Yet another fashion week has blown by and I was glued to Style.com trying to watch and see every highlight as if it was a college football game in Georgia. But, what I really missed was the street fashion, the editors and the buyers of large and small stores all there to choose 2014 spring fashions. These are the envelope pushers, the think outside the box people, not you're running to the mall and picking out something off the rack type of people. One thing I noticed with all of these fashionable people, they still follow each others lead, in their own weird way. If you haven't noticed yet, the stores are filled with clothes that have an element of tough and dainty. There isn't one store that doesn't have a piece without leather...Yes, leather is everywhere, on jackets, patched worked on leggings and pants. I thankfully noticed it last year and got a few leather appliqu├ęd pieces. Don't fret if you didn't get the memo, pieces are available at Gap to Neimans, we all will have our biker ballet outfits ready for fall!