Monday, May 27, 2013


I was an "Army Brat" for most of my life. My Step-father ( step isn't really what he was...But, nonetheless he isn't my biological father), was in the Military for 27 years. So, when I see civilians celebrating Memorial day it feels very different. On the military base, it was like a true memorial, flags were half staff, there were different programs and salutes. For the rest of the country that hasn't personally served, I feel it is a occasion to have a pool party or cookout. I'm not that caught up in going to grave sites or anything, but, a true moment of silence was what I had for the people who lost their lives. 

But of course, I did grill out and it was delicious! I spiced up some staple sides, a twist on your usually cabbage slaw and a cool flavor to country potato salad. Enjoy!