Friday, June 7, 2013

The highend for the low, low.

I told a friend I would do her make up for a photo shoot on a Monday at my house, I didn't factor in that I would be dropping my car off for maintenance on Sunday night, leaving my kit in the drunk. I was fortunate that I've always been a make up hoarder, so I had plenty of make up to do her, but I always throw away cream base products since bacteria can grow and cause infection. So, I went to the drug store and bought cream liner, mascara, and concealer. All by Revlon Colorstay, I was astounded to find out that the Revlon colorstay waterproof cream liner was almost, if not exactly the same as the YSL, and Cle de Peau cream liners I've been using for years. YSL costing $55.00, and Cle de Peau $60.00, The Colorstay $7.99!

Revlon Colorstay liners come in Plum, Black, Brown, and Charcoal. It is creamy, but glides on like a gel. It stays on so well because it's waterproof. What's even more amazing, it comes with it's on brush!
Yes, ladies and some gentleman...the little brush is housed in the top of the little jar of cream/gel yumminess... 

I'm wearing the Revlon colorstay in black, the is the A.M. pic
This is the P.M. pic, stayed perfect all day!