Monday, June 24, 2013

There are moments in my career where I pinch myself, literally. I have been hired to do some of the most amazing jobs in this country and a few abroad. June 22, 2013, will go on the list of weddings that took my breath away. All the weddings I do are usually very beautiful, that's just the client I have been blessed with. But, occasionally I get to see what I personally prefer style wise. The setting was Santa Rosa beach, Florida...A resort section called Watercolor ( The Bride was former Ms. Louisiana and actress Lacey Minchew, the groom is NFL football player Matt Flynn ( Oakland, Raiders). Both attending LSU, and Lacey being from Georgia, and Matt from Texas, their style was "Vintage Southern," an incredible mix of nostalgic elegance with a twist of old school quirkiness. The wedding party consist of a tasteful amount of loved ones, ( when you add to many people to the bridal party it becomes obscene), her sister's and two of her dear friends. When I tell you that the whole wedding looked as though everyone was cast for a movie, I mean it. Both mother of the bride and groom were stunning. The guest knew exactly what to wear, the back drop for the ceremony was unreal, even with a 25 minute rain shower delay. I have reached out to some of the bridal magazines that usually feature southern styled brides, which means the professional pictures have to be kept under wraps. But my giant phone ( wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that), takes the most amazing pics, so I am able to share a few key moments.