Friday, June 21, 2013

What's trending in make up, You ask?

Since I have been diligent about educating you on fashion and style, I've been asked to share my knowledge of make up more. I decided to do a once a week " What's trending in make up" post. 

You probably have noticed that most brands are making way more colors in the eyeliner category, such as, metallic green, burnt orange, electric purple, and my favorite navy blue. For those of you who are more on the tamed side of make up, I suggest the more sophisticated emerald green, slate grey, or deep Burgundy. I would try to stay away from any liners that appear to be red or pink, they will most definitely make your eyes appear bloodshot. I like to apply the fun color underneath the bottom lashes only, it keeps it less juvenile and set it with a comparable shadow color so it doesn't fade throughout the day. This small change in your makeup application can change you from blah to vavoom, promise!
It's hard to tell in this photo, but I am wearing navy bottom liner.

The greens and purples are the easiest for every eye color.