Sunday, July 28, 2013

A sweet southern legacy...

A year ago this month my Grandmother left the earth ( July 2, 2012). I debated all month making her a subject for one of my blog post, since she is so sacred to me. But, I think you all will enjoy seeing the reason for the lady like qualities I possess, by way of my awesome mother, of course. Martha Jean Avant was the epitome of a lady, everything you would imagine a true lady would be like...exotic perfumes, pearls, perfect etiquette, proper hosiery and modesty ( my skirts were always too short for her). When she passed, my mother, sister, and myself went through tons of photo albums she had stacked in a corner ( she liked taking pic's as much as I do), in these albums I found out she was apart of social clubs, beauty contest, and what seemed to be private organizations. My grandmother never told us about those days, so it was like looking at someone you didn't even know. What I learned about those pictures of my beautiful Grandmother, was that her confidence came from being around people, all types of people. She knew more than she ever let you know, she listened more than talked, and she wanted the best for everyone. She didn't judge you for not having a proper upbringing as she did, but made you feel as if you were the only one in the room. While talking to you, she'd hold your hand and look in your eyes. If I possess half of the qualities of my Grandmother, I will be a value to this world. 

I couldn't get enough of both of my grandparents,
I'm still so smitten with my grandfather, my first Love...He has been gone for a while.

I don't know who these ladies are, but they are fab!