Friday, July 26, 2013


We all have many gift layers, you are not just good at one or two things. I know a CEO of a Fortune Five that paints landscapes on the beach in Martha's Vineyard, and they call it their release, but I think it's their passion. I love to talk to people about the thing that makes them money and the thing that makes their heart beat. Of course, my heart is in fashion and painting faces, but I do love painting on canvas...I know, you thought you knew everything about me! Well, I have many other things if time would permit, I would do at my leisure. I have always been drawn to color theory, I love merging colors together. I guess that's why I do make up, but painting is free flowing, you don't have to create anything in particular. I see things in spheres or circles, so all my art is in a circular motion. It's not often I share this love with people, in fact you have to be invited to my home to know that I have any art created by me. But I've lowered my ego-bar and decided to share one of my dearest things...Hope you like it?
CIRCLES... by Nikole Morrow Pettus