Thursday, July 11, 2013

Always ready for destiny!

I get asked pretty much daily why I look so put together at all times. I find this one of craziest questions, since I get this question mostly from people that see me at work, why wouldn't I be put together at the place that is encouraging you to look the best you can. I'm not at the ball park or gym, I'm at work! From my tone of this blog you know it's annoying to me. So, that brings me to ask why would a woman not want to feel and look her best at all times? We have the advantage, we are prettiest of the genders.

Yes, I do own active wear ( not sweats), and No, you most likely won't find me wearing them to a public place that doesn't have anything to do with working out. I get that this is not the norm, but I come from women that dressed to go to town, and put on pearls to greet the mailman. I wore crinoline slips under my dresses and hair bows in my hair as a child, I don't know what it is to not want to dress well at all times. But, what I know for sure, is that you will not turn heads, or make people pay attention to you when you are disheveled or appear as if you didn't even try. My appearance has gotten me more clients than my experience, remember people judge the cover of the book before they read the contents, why not be the best book cover on the shelf?