Wednesday, July 10, 2013


About 13 years ago I decided I needed a catchy brand name, something that related to my career in makeup, so since I love false lashes so much I came up with Niksfalselashes. Well, it became my e-mail address and user name, but nothing really came of it for branding. Which is perfectly fine, since I don't want people to think I only do false-lashes. The Lash world has taken storm, I remember when I would have to literally talk people into trying them when I did a make up application. In the last 6 years, I've been asked to not only apply them, but if they could try to keep them on for more than that one occasion. There are several companies that have educated and certified make up artist to do the lashes that will last up to 3 months ( with wkly touch ups), I personally feel it is to damaging long term to your lashes, so I didn't take steps to get certified. With the newer and improved adhesive choices, I am able to get at least 4 days wear out of an application ( pending you don't sleep on your face). When choosing  your false lash style, remember it has to look like the shape of your eye. People bring me lashes they bought and they resemble something Ru Paul would wear and they ask for natural looking makeup, seriously...
Make sure they are black, full, and wispy. Never too long or spidery! My favorite style is Ardell's Demi-Whispies and Kiss Lashes ever-ex ( they are little clusters). Both can be found at Walgreens and CVS.