Friday, July 12, 2013

This post is for the Serious Make up junkies...

There are the make up enthusiast, they buy what Allure Magazine says is the top 100 brands and there are the people who stay on the pulse of whats being created from Cover Girl Cosmetics to Tom Ford Cosmetics. Of course, you know I'm the latter. I'm on a list of 10 brands that send professional whats happening with their launches along with testers. I am a make up snob, I have to have the best in the industry and I have the client that expects it. It sets me apart from the rest, my kit holds the prestige brands that celebrities find hard to digest purchasing. Believe me, the kit is insured!

If you haven't heard by now about Le Metier de Beaute, you have missed out on an intense line of make up and skin care. I was introduced to it in 2010 and had to literally buy one piece a month till I was able to say I had the key pieces. The pigment of the shadows and blushes are beyond any others ( except Tom Ford Cosmetics). The packaging is so clever, you pick the color story you would like and then it is put in a kaleidoscope kit custom done for you. I never thought there could be a way to have all my favorite lip glosses in one compact without making a huge mess, well Le Metier figured that one out. I have one of the prettiest reds in the same kit with a beautiful gold nude. One of the stars of the line is the loose powder, it melts on the skin like silk charmeuse. I apologize ahead of time for the price point, it's not for novice, this is the big league ladies and gents.