Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chicest hotel

I love hotels, and I just adore boutique hotels. I have a motto, if it ends in Inn (Days Inn, Holiday Inn), you can count me out. I had the pleasure of traveling with a client for over 10 years all over the country and she was a hotel snob, actually that's where I got it from. My accommodations were equally as posh as hers, she always made sure I enjoyed my stay, even though I was there to work. One of the most amazing boutique hotels in NYC is the Lowell hotel, Located on a quiet, tree-lined street off Madison Avenue, The Lowell is in the heart of New York’s exclusive, fashionable Upper East Side. It feels as if you were staying in your own high rise apartment in New York. The rooms are so comfortable and cozy I always ordered room service, and never ate in the restaurant, I didn't want to leave the room. They even go as far as putting mini libraries in some of the suites. The luxury suites have wood burning fireplaces, heard me! 

 The elevator is so tiny since it use to be someones mansion, you become very intimate with the person next to you. I was in the this tiny box once with Carolyn Murphy, she just started chatting with me and my friend, asking what we were doing for the day and if we were going to go shopping. I was in awe, because I have so many tear sheets of her face in my portfolio, since she is one Estee Lauders face models. That is how it is at this marvelous place, if you are staying there you must be cool, so celebrities don't feel awkward talking to strangers. If you want to treat yourself to the best, next time you are in NYC stay there, then call me and brag ;-)
Carolyn Murphy
My favorite things at the Lowell