Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hue pay dirt...

I have been asked about my skin a lot lately, I think it is due to my amazing phone camera. What I don't want to discount is my mother's amazing genetics, her skin is like whipped chocolate mouse. She has never worn foundation and she puts Vaseline on her face, yep you heard me....Petroleum Jelly! I've never witnessed a blemish in my 42 years on her face. So, I'm pretty fortunate to get her skin's tone and texture. I didn't start wearing make up till I was 23 years old and even now, I don't wear a base or foundation. I have used Iman Cosmetics Luxury pressed powder for 18 years. I do like to play with concealers from all brands like any dark-circle-totting consumer. What is amazing about the Iman powders are the abilities to match skin tones with an odd undertone. They come in 3 categories: Sand ( Yellow), Clay ( Sienna or orange), and Earth ( Red). I'm able to match Asian, Hispanic, Latin, African and everything in between with Iman's beautiful velvet finished pressed powders. If you are a person of color and seem to never be able to match your skin tone when looking for a powder or foundation I admonish you to look into this great line. For $15.99 at Target and $18 everywhere else you can't go wrong!
Aaliyah is wearing Iman luxury pressed powered in Clay Med Dark

Marie Is wearing Iman luxury pressed powder in Sand light Med

Here I am without makeup and with Iman Luxury pressed powder in Earth Dark and Makeup forever full cover under eyes.