Friday, July 19, 2013

Lessons in make up...

I love shaping brows...In fact, most of my clients think that is my only expertise. But, I have a secret life as an outstanding make up artist and teacher, in fact it's my passion. I enjoy helping people learn how to make themselves feel and look their best. Van Michael salons offer a service called the "Makeover lesson," where we teach you step-by-step application of your make up. Today, I was pleased to do a lesson on one of my favorite little clients. I have been doing Chandler's brows and make up since she was in middle school, she is in her third year of college. She wanted to look mature and ready for the workforce, and able to turn her look into an evening look. We walk you through each step, from how to cleanse your face to how to apply eyeliner perfectly. I hope you visit one of our many locations through out the greater Atlanta areas for your "Picture Perfect Lesson."

Speaking of having a gift, Chandler is an incredible artist herself...She drew me a pic of my favorite model Cara Delevingne.