Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Menkes Touch...

As Ive mentioned before, I have fantasy friendships with people I think are beyond cool, one being Suzy Menkes. Madame Menkes is the fashion reporter and editor for the International Herald Tribune. Although born in the UK, as a teenager she went to study in Paris as a dressmaker at Esmod. After viewing her first couture show at Nina Ricci (, she was hooked on high fashion.

Like anyone interested in making a mark in the world of fashion or in life for that matter, she has a trademark, she sports a pompadour... ( like my streak). She has collected high fashion for over 4 decades, So when Christies ( asked her to sell some of her rare authentic pieces ( Pucci, Hermes,  Lacroix) with long thought ( about 5 yrs.), she said Yes! Her pieces go on sell this month (July), and I plan to swipe a jewel or bobble of some sort. Her motto for accessories is "The bigger the Better," and "Why choose a single strand of pearls when a necklace can be turned into a breastplate." Estee Lauder once told her...Nothing beats the reflection of gold from neck to face when you are having a rough day.Now you see why we need to be friends!