Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What a little mascara will do...

We all are dealt a hand in life, rather because of our environment, lineage, or social class. But, when a person is dealt the hand of a terminal illness, its pretty hard to swallow. Unless you are Talia Joy Castellano. Talia, a lot like most pre-teens loved make up, and while fighting two-forms of cancer neuroblastoma and leukemia, she started making tutorials on Youtube of how to apply make up, nail art, and her health updates. She wowed so many people that CoverGirl cosmetics named her honorary spokesperson. Her motto on her Youtube channel was "My wig is my Makeup." One of her wishes was to go on the Ellen DeGeneres show and do her make up, not only did she achieve that, Ellen got her the gig with CoverGirl. I know many people who complain about the fairness of not being built thin, or wanting a better financial lifestyle, but when you take in the reality that you are not fighting for your life at age 13, your complaints seem trivial. Talia passed today ( July 16, 2013).

"Having cancer has been a gift, yet a horrible, horrible terrifying thing," she added. "But I've gotten so many benefits from it ... having a YouTube channel and having to inspire people and having people look up to me and explaining to you guys how I adore and love makeup -- using it as my wig -- and having so much self-confidence and going out to the grocery store without a wig. It's amazing but the journey of having cancer was amazing but every journey has an end."

Talia Joy Castellano