Thursday, October 3, 2013

Much needed light!

Little known fact about me; Mr. Pettus calls me "Bubbles," because I raise to the top and never stop... in his opinion. But, these past few days my bubbles have gone flat. I have had a few interesting things happen that have left me feeling not so positive. I have pulled it together enough for the world to think I'm fine, so my performance at work has not been affected. This morning I had to have much prayer and meditation to get it together another day... I asked myself, " Is all my effort and drive worth it?

It can be exhausting to want so much for others and myself. Then I received a message from a lovely person I vaguely remember, she allowed me to share it with the public, of course I told her, she not only made my day, she was that light for me today.

Hello this is Belina, and I just wanted you to know you are the reason to me being and esthetician. And showing me how to do a smokey eye down to my first make up brush set that made me an official make up artist and I always think of you every time I do bridal make up as well. I will always think of you as my mentor just wanted to say thank you for being my light when my world was dark I understand what you taught me now love you and hope you have an awesome day.

When you give all you can, never holding back your gift, you allow someone else to grow, Thank you Belina for reaching out to me yesterday, my light is back on!