Friday, October 4, 2013

My newest brow obsession...

If you haven't heard of Lily Collins yet, you will know her very soon. She is the daughter of Phil Collins and Jill Tavelman. Besides her abilities in journalism, acting, and modeling, she has the most amazing brows! They are at the top of the Google search page and the brows have their own twitter page...really, not kidding! 

She is the newest ambassador of Lancome. In January you will see her in all the Lancome advertising for their launch of " Ballerine", Spring 2014. It's no secret I have a thing for brunettes, I just love dark hair, its one of my favorite looks when I do make up, ( if you don't have dark hair,
I still like doing your make up, so don't get your feelers hurt). Stepping up on the pedestal with Kate Winslet, and Emma Watson, Lily embodies the grace and charm needed for this position. I know I  will have great  brow tear sheet examples to show my clients!